In the next few days the new version of Medusa ( 3.0.4 ) will be available for download.

What’s New?



Track Homepage: Medusa will start tracking your HomePage Twice Daily. If something suspicious is detected, will send you an Email Alert. ( Email Used for the notification will be the Admin Email ). This is the BETA release of the module. We are still working on this…
Notify Medusa Server: If you choose to Notify Medusa Server, we will also receive the Email Alert. Don’t forget: We will be happy to help…

Anti-Spam Features

Remove URL Field: Removes the URL Field from the WordPress Comment Form
Remove Auto Linking: WordPress automatically turns URLs posted in comments into links. The downside to this feature is that it helps spammers publish links in their comments.

New Tools

Delay Posts in RSS Feeds: Have you ever published an article accidentally before it was ready to go live? We have all been there.
However, RSS feed readers and email subscribers may already get it in their inbox. Medusa will delay your published posts from appearing in RSS feed for 10 minutes.
Add Featured Images to RSS Feed: Include the featured images or post thumbnails in the RSS Feed.


Stay Tuned !

Download Medusa here